When less is more

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Business is on the up. As a result, more companies are increasing sales and marketing activity to generate more business. However, are you getting through to the right person, at the right time, with the right message? 

Increased competition across all markets means more marketing messages, more calls, emails, social media activity and lots of other communications. In fact, every minute of every day something is crying out for a decision-maker’s attention. Yet sometimes doing less provides more marketing success.

Small Data –  Increasingly, the focus seems to be on big data. However, focusing on smaller, better quality sets of data can produce better results. The key thing is making sure you are reaching out to the right contacts. Keeping your data up to date through regular cleansing is critical.

Right proposition – Reaching key decision-makers today is tough. So, fine-tuning your proposition to one that will grab their attention is critical. Stepping into your prospects’ shoes to understand their challenges, issues, limitations and, ultimately, their needs is paramount to getting their time. From the subject line in an email to a follow up call or supporting collateral used at a meeting: all are equally important.

Collateral – Out-of-date or collateral with the wrong messaging simply doesn’t work. When was the last time you reviewed or updated your website, marketing collateral or presentations? Trying to shoe horn existing collateral to support a campaign can do more harm than good. Creating new, more relevant content in the right context will help you get better results.

We support sales and marketing directors and managers in creating compelling content, in the right context, to achieve the right results.

Integrated – Finally, making sure you are taking an integrated approach on a campaign-by-campaign basis will deliver results. Being busy and firing loads of communications out will undoubtedly create a lot of noise, but taking prospects on a journey will lead to success. From initially grabbing their attention, to demonstrating your capability and selling to their needs: see each one as a step towards winning more business. Each step needs to have the right content. It also needs planned follow-through.

Ultimately, targeting a select group of people, with messages in the right context, will deliver results. More often than not it will surpass the results of mass mail-outs, which have broad propositions and little or no follow-up.

Business is increasing, but being smarter about how you go about winning it will save you time, money and resources.

Get in touch now to see how we can help you to deliver more for less

Posted by Simon Clegg of Right Prospect Ltd


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