The benefits of outsourcing telemarketing as part of your demand gen program

A Demand gen or Demand Generation program is composed of all activities and tasks that help to create, from regular leads, an awareness, acceptance and desire for your product or services. Standard lead generation is only the beginning in this process and everything that is done from this point on will work to inform, interest, qualify and cement the relationship with a potential buyer.

By creating the demand that will pull the potential client or customer into a decision that is favorable to your company, you are accelerating and therefore shortening the marketing / sales cycle. All of the many tools at your disposal should be brought to bear on this activity as marketing has changed within the last several decades. This means up to date information, processes and outsourcing a few activities that your firm should rethink doing themselves.

All of these will impact the relationships you are forming and should not be undertaken as an afterthought.

Take Telemarketing As An Example Of Relationship Building And What Outsourcing Will Do For You.

In lead generation terms, telemarketing is the reaching out, on a personal level, with a real live operator. This person can, through the scripts designed for this task:

  • Inform the potential client about features of the product or service that may not have been as clear on first inspection.
  • Apply that particular feature to a problem they are having.
  • Answer questions that arise which leads the caller into a fuller, self directed, knowledge of your firm.

One of the many benefits of having a room full of telemarketers is the ability to have many conversations going on all at once and massive relationship building which keeps you busy.

One of the major drawbacks of having a crew of telemarketers in a room is paying for a room full of telemarketers. Lead generation does not have to happen at this high cost. As a businessman or woman, you are looking at your ROI and, without a proper understanding or up to date information about techniques, equipment and processes in modern telemarketing technologies, this capital expenditure may not be in your best interest.

Outsourcing your telemarketing needs may be the best decision as you can work on building the business, developing other products and providing the best brand you can make so all lead generation can and will grow in size and quality. A few of the benefits you can realize from outsourcing this important part of your Demand Gen Program are:

  • Trained professionals, already in place with the latest in technologies.
    This eliminates the need for any in-house training and bringing all personnel up to speed on unfamiliar equipment.
  • They will impart the information supplied with the techniques to locate additional data through the knowledge base they have access to in their own network.
  • These personnel will be able to generate emails and other follow up materials based on their knowledge of the signals used by the potential customers. This is one of the most important elements of lead generation and they have been trained to pick up on this.
  • Professional telemarketers know how to get through all of the gatekeepers standing between them and the decision maker. If that does not happen the first time, it will the next, or the next.
  • Personnel who have done this for quite a while will be knowledgeable in many areas. They can use this, in addition to the scripted material, to make informed decisions about where that potential client is on the scale from uninterested to demanding the brand that you have created.
  • You are not paying for a room of telemarketers; you are paying for results.

In B2B commerce, all tools and experience must be bought into the equation. The creation of a demand gen program takes all of the many elements of your company into account and forms it into a focused, balanced approach for success.

You do not want to repair your own roof. You do not want to fix that impromptu swimming pool forming in your basement. For that you would outsource this work to a roofer or plumber. The reason you do that is because that is what they do.

The role, within lead generation, of the telemarketer has become more important as the economy has forced everyone to focus on who does what the best.

Posted and presented by Simon Clegg of Right Prospect Ltd 

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