Brands set to target women this Valentine’s… with a little help from Christian Grey





The 60 second Renault Twingo ad will occupy the hotly-contested Gold Spot, the commercial directly before the main screening, in showings of the erotic thriller, which is released today, across the country.

The light-hearted animated ad features the Twingo, Renault’s women’s car brand, navigating through elephants and outer space.

Renault has become one of the first brands to occupy the Gold Spot after it was recently opened up by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and Pearl & Dean to new advertisers for the first time in 13 years.

Previously, the Gold Spot was exclusively occupied by Orange and EE to promote its Buy One, Get One Free on Wednesday’s cinema promotion. However, brands can now compete for the spot with short-term, film specific, ad runs.

“This will offer Renault a unique opportunity to align themselves with what’s set to be the biggest female-focused film of the year,” says Karen Stacey, CEO of DCM. “Opening up the Gold Spot in this way allows brands to build an unparalleled synergy with film and establish a real affinity with cinema.”

Renault isn’t the only brand tapping into Fifty Shades of Grey buzz, with women’s make-up brand Revlon also occupying the Silver Spot at screenings.

Another popular brand hoping to tie into the film’s predicted success is Butterkist having launched its new £2m TV ‘Love The Taste’ campaign today.

Britain’s biggest popcorn brand will be back on screen for the first time since 2011 in an ad featuring love hearts floating out the mouth of a man eating Butterkist Salted popcorn.

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